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Kolbe Y™ Index:

Kolbe Y™ Index Result


The Kolbe Y Index helps young people identify their natural striving instincts - and provides advice on how to best use those strengths - to achieve success simply by being themselves.


The Kolbe Index is unique. It does not measure intelligence, personality or social style. It measures the instinctive ways you take action when you strive.

Your result will describe your natural strengths – your modus operandi (MO).

There are two responses for each question – MOST and LEAST. Choose ONE response for the way you would MOST likely act if you were free to be yourself, and then choose ONE response for the action you are LEAST likely to take.

There are no right or wrong answers. If you are not sure which option to choose, ask yourself what you would do, "if free to be myself."

1a. How do I ...fix things?
Most Least
with a plan
so they work better
by the book
just jump right in
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When I get to choose my own way, HOW DO I ...
  • 1. ...prepare a book report?
    Most Least
    find things to use as examples
    decide what's most important
    review the guidelines
    look for a new twist
  • 2. ...make something?
    Most Least
    figure out if it is worth the effort
    make step-by-step plans
    make it up as I go
    make a sample
  • 3. ...decide what to do with friends?
    Most Least
    decide at the last minute
    evaluate the choices
    consider what there is time to do
    pick outdoor or physical activities
  • 4. ...make a treat for the first time?
    Most Least
    stick to a recipe
    taste test while making it
    be sure it feels and smells right
  • 5. with missing game pieces?
    Most Least
    make new ones that will work
    search for something similar
    play without them
    decide if they are necessary
  • 6. ...solve a problem?
    Most Least
    repeat patterns
    take it apart in pieces
    explore options
    find specific causes
  • 7. ...use free time in a media center?
    Most Least
    do a bunch of different things
    physically explore
    look at how things are organized
    go deeper into an area of interest
  • 8. things?
    Most Least
    by history or where it's from
    by shape, design, or look
    by uniqueness and sparkle
    by ways they will be safe and secure
  • 9. ...get the most done?
    Most Least
    work in the right location
    give myself deadlines
    create a checklist
    do the most important things first
  • 10. ...fix things?
    Most Least
    with a plan
    so they won't break again
    jump right in
    figure out why it's not working
  • 11. determination?
    Most Least
    become very specific
    be very tough
    take on the challenge
    complete what I started
  • 12. ...evaluate information?
    Most Least
    see what's out of place
    find errors
    question the unbelievable
    use my senses
  • 13. ...act in new situations?
    Most Least
    check out the environment
    look for opportunities
    observe what others are doing
    follow the flow
  • 14. ...make a decoration?
    Most Least
    in a traditional way
    with patterns and shapes
    in an unexpected way
    staple, glue or attach things
  • 15. ...pick a puzzle?
    Most Least
    there is something to learn from it
    fiddling with it is fun
    it has a formula
    it is intriguing
  • 16. ...make choices?
    Most Least
    by what is different
    by what goes together
    by picking top-rated choices
    by what is most useful
  • 17. ...clean up my space?
    Most Least
    get rid of broken stuff
    store things neatly in containers
    tackle the biggest part of the mess
    check out what's there
  • 18. ...pick what I would want to wear?
    Most Least
    what is bright and colorful
    what feels very comfortable
    what matches or coordinates
    what fits the situation
  • 19. a TV show?
    Most Least
    rate how good it is
    while holding something or moving around
    talk about what's happening
    not have any interruptions
  • 20. my best on a presentation?
    Most Least
    make examples to demonstrate
    arrange posters or coordinate storyboards
    find extra facts and figures
    tell entertaining stories
  • 21. ...choose a topic to write about?
    Most Least
    something I make up
    a collection or category
    a place or thing
    a real person or event
  • 22. my best?
    Most Least
    get tons of information
    take things apart or put them together
    guess or take a chance
    make charts or lists
  • 23. ...start a project?
    Most Least
    line up the tasks
    find out what's required
    brainstorm ideas
    get out the materials
  • 24. ...try to get out of doing things?
    Most Least
    chart why there isn't time to do it
    explain why others would do it better
    show that I don't have the right supplies
    trade to do other things
  • 25. ...tell stories?
    Most Least
    make it up as I go
    act it out with my hands or objects
    follow a sequence
    give a lot of details
  • 26. ...get ready to travel somewhere?
    Most Least
    test out equipment, or things to take
    pack at the last moment
    gather information about it
    prepare so I can keep my routine
  • 27. on a group project?
    Most Least
    find missing information
    keep people on track
    create a model or display
    do the talking
  • 28. with a deadline?
    Most Least
    stick with the plan
    hurry at the last minute
    don't let it harm the outcome
    define the task
  • 29. homework with the least amount of pain?
    Most Least
    take chances that could be mistakes
    work in an area I set up for myself
    study my notes and the instructions
    do it regularly, at the same time, in the same place
  • 30. ...learn how to use a new tool or device?
    Most Least
    carefully test how well it works
    see how it works with other things I use
    figure out its purpose
    discover different ways it can be used
  • 31. ...draw a picture?
    Most Least
    make it look real
    show shadows and depth
    use a lot of color
    fill the page or drawing area
  • 32. ...handle a surprise activity?
    Most Least
    keep it from messing up other plans
    celebrate it
    ask why it's happening
    protect things from being damaged by it
  • 33. ...sort things?
    Most Least
    by value
    by use
    by cost
    by type
  • 34. ...get frustrated?
    Most Least
    by having to wait
    by things that aren't well-made
    by incorrect information
    by clutter or mess
  • 35. ...share something that happened?
    Most Least
    act out what happened
    give all the background
    explain how one thing led to another
    tell just the exciting parts
  • 36. ...finish my homework?
    Most Least
    make sure I didn't skip anything
    review for errors
    make last minute guesses
    pack it up
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Two responses required for each question – 1 MOST and 1 LEAST.

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