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Kolbe A™ Index:

Kolbe A™ Index Result


The Kolbe Index is unique. The assessment does not measure intelligence, personality or social style. It measures the instinctive ways you take action when you strive.

Your result will describe your natural strengths – your modus operandi (MO).

There are two responses for each question – MOST and LEAST. Choose ONE response for the way you would MOST likely act if you were free to be yourself, and then choose ONE response for the action you are LEAST likely to take.

There are no right or wrong answers. If you are not sure which option to choose, ask yourself what you would do, "if free to be myself."

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Answer by asking yourself,
If free to be myself I would ...
  • 1. If I were solving a difficult problem, I would rely on my:
    Most Least
    ability to structure
  • 2. If I believed something important could be made to help humanity, I would:
    Most Least
    investigate it
    design it
    sell or promote it
    build it
  • 3. If I were told to hurry finishing a project, I would:
    Most Least
    skip to the bottom line
    decide what could be done properly
    work diligently until time was up
    consider craftsmanship most important
  • 4. If I were trying to get off the hook for something, my arguments would be:
    Most Least
  • 5. If I were to win a contest, it would be for:
    Most Least
    being the most realistic
  • 6. If a task required my best work, I would:
    Most Least
    double check results
    practice it
    take it on as a challenge
    do adequate research
  • 7. If I got into trouble, it would be because I:
    Most Least
    was bored
    couldn't keep my hands off things
    resisted change
    wanted to know too much
  • 8. If I were deciding whether to use a new method, I would consider its:
    Most Least
  • 9. If I were working as a member of a group, I would:
    Most Least
    tackle physical tasks
    have lots of ideas
    be efficient
    outline goals and objectives
  • 10. If I had my choice, I would work for:
    Most Least
    upgraded equipment
    a significant title
  • 11. If I can, I avoid:
    Most Least
  • 12. If I won a prize for artistic effort, it would be for:
    Most Least
    neatness and interesting patterns
    realism, perspective or good detail
    good use of color
    model building, sculpture
  • 13. If I were teased about a characteristic, it would be:
    Most Least
  • 14. If I were demonstrating my talents, it would be with:
    Most Least
    writing and data
  • 15. If I were in charge of a project, I would:
    Most Least
    meet specifications
    use quality materials
    be cost effective
    add my own ideas
  • 16. If I were working to my greatest potential, my activities would be:
    Most Least
  • 17. If I were setting standards, I would find it important that they be:
    Most Least
  • 18. If I were criticized, it would be for being too:
    Most Least
  • 19. If I were assigned one task, I would begin by:
    Most Least
  • 20. If I were exploring a new object, I would:
    Most Least
    check how it was made
    approach it systematically
    examine it in detail
    have a strong first impression
  • 21. If I were explaining an idea, I would be:
    Most Least
  • 22. If communicating an idea, I would:
    Most Least
    provide written proof
    use props
    use imagination
    use charts and graphs
  • 23. If gathering information, I would:
    Most Least
    put it in a clear format
    get thorough background material
    seek a variety of unusual sources
    explore physically
  • 24. If I were describing a place I had visited, I would mention:
    Most Least
    location or placement
    specifics and details
    quality of equipment and materials
    the general atmosphere
  • 25. If I earned recognition, it would probably be for:
    Most Least
    speed and cleverness
    strength and endurance
    dependability and design
    judgment and accuracy
  • 26. If I were choosing my own work situation, I would:
    Most Least
    do the work myself
    have others available for brainstorming
    be able to delegate
    have the work flow to me smoothly
  • 27. If free to be myself, I would get things done by:
    Most Least
    establishing priorities
    planning ahead
    quality craftsmanship
    taking on challenges
  • 28. If I were concentrating on a single effort, I would be:
    Most Least
  • 29. If I were working on a puzzle, I would try:
    Most Least
    working against a deadline
    putting physical pieces together
    using my memory for facts
    organizing the options
  • 30. If I were asked to prove my point, I would:
    Most Least
    show it in some form
    explain my method
    explain the pros and cons
    explain the benefits
  • 31. If I could do things my way, they would get done:
    Most Least
  • 32. If I were setting up a display, I would:
    Most Least
    do it in an orderly way
    try clever, unique ways to do it
    find what worked in the past
    set it up personally
  • 33. If something in the system didn't work, I would:
    Most Least
    work around it
    repair it
    find out why
    report it
  • 34. If I were trying something new, I would learn by:
    Most Least
    taking chances
    reading about it
    following examples
  • 35. If I were sharing results, my method would be:
    Most Least
  • 36. If I ran a business, I would:
    Most Least
    provide steady performance
    define realistic objectives
    develop new products, or services
    give high quality workmanship
1 / 36
Two responses required for each question – 1 MOST and 1 LEAST.

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