The Kolbe R Index/Instinct Test:

What do you really look for in a relationship? Do you want your date to plan the evening from start to finish or do you like to "fly by the seat of your pants"? Do you wonder why you are impatient when your Uncle insists on the same Thanksgiving dinner every year? ... The Kolbe R™ Index, a 36-question instrument, will reveal the instinctive being you are looking for ... in a friend, a spouse, a family member, a coworker ... instantly!

The guidelines for completing the Kolbe R™ Index are few and simple. Answer questions according to how you would like the other person in the relationship to naturally act. Don't overanalyze. Don't let anyone else influence your answers or interpret the questions for you. Choose ONE most and ONE least likely option for every item.

Begin now and take the first step in gaining a better understanding of your relationship with others...

Kolbe R Index
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Define the relationship,
What is the relationship role you are about to describe?

Answer by asking yourself,
I wish the other person (X) would ...

1. When going out to dinner, I hope X will:
Most Least
have made all the plans
suggest an appropriate place
handle the transportation
be open about when and where

2. When deciding how to spend money, I wish X would:
Most Least
weigh the pros and cons
personally check things out
plan ahead
be flexible

3. When jobs need doing, I wish X would:
Most Least
do the outside or manual tasks
allocate effort appropriately
complete what he/she starts
do the unexpected

4. When giving me a gift, I'd like X to:
Most Least
comparison shop
stay within budget
be spontaneous
hand-craft something

5. When giving compliments, I prefer X make them:
Most Least
for no particular reason
shown rather than spoken
when they're earned

6. When disagreeing with me, I wish X would:
Most Least
handle it indirectly
deal with it immediately
be consistent
explain thoroughly

7. When dividing responsibilities, I'd like X to do the:
Most Least
cutting of the deals
maintenance and repairs

8. When sharing information, I need X to:
Most Least
get to the bottom line
put it in context
demonstrate what's meant
be precise

9. When solving problems, I hope X will:
Most Least
be efficient
deal with complexities
show endurance
have a sense of urgency

10. When in a threatening situation, I hope X will:
Most Least
be willing to take risks
be physically protective
investigate the best way out
stay with the plan

11. When an object is in our path, I hope X will:
Most Least
get it out of the way
react immediately
approach it with caution
examine it in detail

12. When traveling, I want X to be:
Most Least

13. When settling an argument, I wish X would:
Most Least
agree in general terms
offer some guarantee
offer physical proof
clarify specifics

14. When something is broken, I wish X would:
Most Least
fix it
work around it
study it
report it

15. When something is lost, I want X to:
Most Least
look in the hard-to-reach places
look in odd places
look in the most logical places
go over our steps

16. When tough decisions have to be made, I wish X would be:
Most Least

17. When helping me learn, I need X to:
Most Least
show me how
brainstorm with me
follow a routine
provide information

18. When we're trying to overcome losses, I wish X would:
Most Least
beat the odds
handle the labor
set priorities
chart a course

19. When offering criticism, I prefer X to:
Most Least
put it in context
give specific examples
get right to the point
walk me through his/her way

20. When giving advice, I prefer X to:
Most Least
take the whole picture into account
identify priorities
give several alternatives

21. When facing a decision, I want X to:
Most Least
investigate thoroughly
devise a plan of action
intuitively sense what to do
grab hold of the tools needed

22. When we are trying to communicate, I wish X would avoid:
Most Least
too many words
irrelevant issues
inaccurate depictions
saying only what is "safe" to say

23. When X is in charge, I prefer him/her to handle the:
Most Least

24. When carrying out a promise, I hope X will:
Most Least
guarantee a time
find an appropriate time
do it when it feels right
do it when it can be done right

25. When something breaks, I wish X would:
Most Least
review instructions and warranties
explain the problem
fix it so it won't happen again
find a substitute

26. When we are making a major decision, I hope X will:
Most Least
check the workmanship
add in all the possibilities
categorize the opportunities
calculate the odds

27. When things don't go right, it's often because X isn't:
Most Least
finishing what he/she started
taking chances
staying with tradition
controlling quality

28. When striving in a recreational activity, I depend on X to have:
Most Least
brainstormed a novel approach
designed a schedule
studied the rules
proven endurance

29. When taking advantage of opportunities, I need X to be good with:
Most Least
charts and graphs
written words
abstract notions

30. When considering the ideal, I would prefer X to be:
Most Least

31. When analyzing what you most appreciate X doing for you, it is:
Most Least
providing structure
tackling mechanical problems
dealing with complexities
coping with crises

32. When doing things together causes problems, usually X isn't being:
Most Least

33. When X initiates activities, I like them to be:
Most Least
cleaning up
new projects
information gathering

34. When communicating my desires to others, I hope X will:
Most Least
stay within discussed guidelines
thoroughly explain
keep it simple
follow his/her own intuition

35. When offering to help me with a problem, I prefer X to:
Most Least
suggest other ways of doing it
find out exactly what is needed
follow the procedures I am using
watch how it needs to be done

36. When I offer to help X with a problem, I hope he/she will give me:
Most Least
a variety of options
useful tools
the background
instructions for completing it

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Kolbe R Index
  $ 28.00

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